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Thrifty Disney. Your best deals when traveling to Walt Disney World®

Thrifty Disney

Here at the Sunshine Flyer, we know you all love a good deal as much as we do! Besides all the amazing deals & promos we always have going as part of the Sunshine Flyer experience, we bundled up the best Disney deals in this blog post. So, you can make your experience truly magical!

First, let’s talk about the best option to get to/from Orlando International Airport.

Unless you are doing a road trip across the beautiful Florida roads; well, this might be extremely predictable, but the Sunshine Flyer is truly the best Disney money-saving tip in terms of transportation. Whether you are looking for direct, private transportation from Orlando International Airport to Walt Disney World® Area Resorts, or looking to ride on a premium motorcoach with a theme centered around old-fashioned passenger cars and train locomotives, we got you covered! Our pricing, effectiveness, and convenience make it your best option to ride from the airport to your resort. Make sure you check out our website and social media to stay up-to-date with our promotions.

But now we need the tickets to get into the park!

This is probably going to be one of the most expensive parts of the trip (but worth it, for sure). Even though park tickets are not cheap, there is no additional charge for any attractions once you enter the parks. One of your best deals here for your Disney vacation will be to check out their Special Offers, Deals & Discounts and plan your trip around that. Additionally, there are several extra offers that you could consider:

How long should I stay at Walt Disney World?

If you are traveling to Disney on a budget, then your best option is to choose a short stay. However, we consider that if you made it all the way there, you might as well take full advantage of it, correct? For that reason, your lucky number will be to stay 5 days at the parks. Staying 5 days will allow you and your family to enjoy the best that Disney has to offer without breaking the bank.

In conclusion, these deals were some of our best tips & tricks when planning a trip to Walt Disney World®.  Some additional cost-effective/cheap options are:

  • Try to save as much money on food as you can by bringing your own snacks and just dining on-site for one meal.
  • You can always ask for ice water at any restaurant free of charge in Disney World.
  • Book your resort in advance to save the best deal.
  • Ride the Sunshine Flyer 😉, your preferred shuttle from MCO Airport to Disney World.